wxStudio is an effort to create a free, cross platform integrated development environment using the wxWindows GUI class library.  Though our main focus is to create a tool for building wxWindows applications, wxStudio will be equally useful for non-wxWindows programming projects - especially those which must target multiple platforms.


5/5/2000 The Developer pages for wxStudio has been completed. This will prove to be a valuable tool towards the growth of the wxStudio project. To visit, click here. The URL for quick reference, is http://wxstudio.sourceforge.net/dev/.

5/5/2000 The wxStudio's download section has been resurrected, and all files made available for download.

4/17/2000 Today sees some great changes towards the corporate face of wxStudio. Our new look is here!

2/20/2000 Richard Pretorius has taken over web-development for wxStudio.

2/9/2000 Henry Kleynhans is taking over the wxStudio project as Project Coordinator.

6/13/1999 CVS Repository Open for anonymous acess. See downloads page. Vaclav Slavik has contributed a slick help system and settings dialog.

5/14/1999 Version 0.0.1 RELEASED! See downloads page.

5/2/1999 Second Screen Shot available - please see screen shots page. File browser added, wxStudio almost functional!

4/18/1999 First Screen Shot available.. Thanks to Aleksandras for the editor preview!


Aleksandras' fl stuf ported to wxGTK .. see Screen Shot

2/3/1999 wxStudio mailing list created.

1/31/1999 Vaclav Slavic has joined the project and will probably be working on GCC integration and HTML based help system

1/25/1999 Jake Helfert has joined the project and is porting his existing MFC source editor to wxWindows

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