a flexible IDE

What is CodeDragon?

CodeDragon is a cross-platform IDE and RAD tool designed to aid and accelerate development of wxWindows based applications. CodeDragon is being developed using the wxWindows toolkit. CodeDragon is intended as a fresh start for an open source wxWindows IDE effort. The main emphasis for CodeDragon will be on simplicity and robustness - and getting releases out!

For more information on what is planned for CodeDragon, please see the features page.

But it's very early days so please don't expect too much.

Who is developing CodeDragon?

The CodeDragon project is managed by Hans Van Leemputten with contributions from others.

Where can I get CodeDragon sources?

The CodeDragon project is hosted at SourceForge's CVS server using the wxStudio project space. The project page contains links for reporting bugs, checking out latest source, and viewing latest status information as the CodeDragon project develops. See also the download page.